Special Commissions


The Pobjoy Mint ADVENT CALENDAR Competition is back!

Starting from December 1st you can enjoy a different prize daily.

Celebrate 24 days until Christmas with our daily competition which is full of mint surprises for the chance to win 24+ amazing prizes.

You will find a different promotion each day that will make you want to come for more the following day. From quizzes to instant wins you shall not be disappointed as there will be a winner everyday. 

Don't worry if you missed one or two, you can always enter on the day, but remember that each promotion is available for one day only.




Day 1: N/A

Day 2: Fabrizio Bonetti

Day 3: Laura Davis, Matt Ost, Terry Manson, Stephanie Middleton, Nicola Hudson, Dean Conroy

Day 4: Timothy Graham, Gustaw Mainski, Andy Ross

Day 5: N/A

Day 6: Mick Timmings

Day 7: Jennie Clark, Mark Dyer

Day 8: Sarah Platt, Arshad Khan

Day 9: James Parry, Sarah Scorer

Day 10: Kate Benson, Steve Moodie

Day 11: Kayleigh Singer, John Benson

Day 12: Liz Moore, Dean Thomas, Martyn John, Georgios Agrapidis

Day 13: Cerie Davies, Julie Couperthwaite

Day 14: Laird Marc Mclellan, Michaela Mclaughlan

Day 15: Chriss Heggie, Martin Seale

Day 16: N/A

Day 17: Lisa Miles, Alan West

Day 18: Mal Maddison, Martin Ellson

Day 19: Mark Carpenter, Greg Coton

Day 20: Lee Twigg, Anne Walker

Day 21: Robert Numis, Sharon Williams

Day 22: Chelsea Robinson, Lee Yates

Day 23: Tommy Fingers, Eni Molnar

Day 24: N/A

Dear Winners, if you haven't been contacted by a member of our team please keep in mind we closed our UK offices on Dec 23rd and will be back on January 3rd. 

Please note that the winners will be contacted directly and coins will be dispatch upon confirmation. Although we aim to dispatch all items before Christmas we cannot guarantee their arrival before that date.

For more information please contact us directly at competition@pobjoy.com.