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Above: British Virgin Islands 2010
175th Anniversary of Hans Christian Andersen's First Book of Fairy Tales
World's First Bi-Colour Titanium Coin

Above: Isle of Man 2008 International Year of Planet Earth:
World's First Four-Colour Titanium and Sterling Silver Coin

History of Titanium Coins

Historically, titanium coins have not been around very long. Titanium is one of the babies among metals. While gold and silver have been used for centuries, Titanium didn't show its face until 1791. The reason for its late arrival? Titanium is only found in conjunction with other elements and doesn't exist on its own. It's also the schizophrenic of the metal world, being as strong as steel but nearly half as light, which explains why, for years, it's been the number one metal of choice for the aircraft industry. An interesting fact about Titanium is that it is not magnetic. Pobjoy Mint has produced a variety of innovative and beautiful coins in this intriguing metal. Choose from our many Titanium coins listed in our favourite coins below .