A Brief History: Looking into the World of Bi-Metal Two Pound Coins

A Brief History: Looking into the world of Bi-Metal Two Pound coins

£2 Bi-Metal Background

The £2 Bi-metal coin is a popular and increasingly demanded collectable coin which was originally introduced in 1998, with the coins being struck in 1997. After a review of the United Kingdom’s coinage it was concluded that a general-circulation £2 coin was necessary in 1994, a new bi-metallic design would replace the previous uni-metallic legal tender coins dispensed between 1986-1996, as this was a more attractive and distinguishable coin when compared to other decimal coins.

Our First Gibraltar £2 Bi-metal coin

  • 1997 Gibraltar Decimal Set

The 1997 Gibraltar Decimal Set, which was presented in a stunningly displayed presentation portfolio, featured an illustration of Gibraltar’s historic and interesting past and included for the first time the revolutionary bi-metal £2 coin amongst the other traditional 8 piece set. The new bi-metal was produced in both base metal (Nickel Brass and Cupro Nickel) and precious metal (Proof Fine 999. Silver and Fine 999.9 Gold Plated), marking this as just the beginning of a long successful run for the bi-metal £2 coins. The design depicted Hercules wrestling with the Nemean Lion, making this a stunning edition to the beginning of the ‘Labourers of Hercules’ series.

Our First Isle of Man £2 Bi-metal coin

  • 1997 Manx Sporting Themes

In 1997 on behalf of the Isle of Man we produced our first Bi-metal £2 coin which was part of the ever so popular Manx sporting theme. The reverse featured a stunning design of historic car racing, illustrating three well-known race cars (E-Type Jaguar, 1906 Rolls Royce and 1904 Napier). This issue was produced in base metal (Nickel-Brass on the outer and Cupro-Nickel on the inner circle) with the small Queen’s head and had a die mark positioned below the leading car, under the wheel.

Most popular and sought after £2 Bi-metal coins

  • 2002 Commonwealth Games: Manchester

In 2002 the Royal Mint released a new £2 Bi-metal design in four slightly different versions, to represent the home nations in the Manchester Commonwealth. The reverse features a triumphant figure clasping a flowing banner in the air which is lined to symbolise track or swimming pool lanes. Although all coins feature the same striking image of a running athlete, each has its own insert to represent the four consecutive parts of the United Kingdom. These £2 Bi-metal coins are classed as rare, with the Northern Island edition being the most sought after in circulation.

  • 2015 First World War Centenary (Navy)

It was a very special year in 2015 as it was the 100th anniversary of the First World War, and a coin was issued to commemorate the historical event. The reverse of the coin depicted two boats in the sea, with soaring birds and an aircraft surrounding them in the distance. This coin had an issue limit of 650,000 and is a popular collectable due to its increased value and symbolic tribute to such a tragic event in history.

  • 2012 London Olympic Handover

The 2012 Olympic's featured in a £2 Bi-metal coin which was issued in order to celebrate when the mayor of Rio De Janeiro was handed the Olympic flag by IOC president Jaxques Rogge once the Olympic games concluded. The design on this coin featured two hands coming into contact as one hands over the Olympic relay baton. The issue limit of this coin is 845,000 and it had a circulated and uncirculated version with an increasing value, making this a popular sought after coin for its symbolic reverse.

Looking for where to start your Bi-Metal £2 coin collection?

Look no further with our 2014 coin issued on behalf of the Falkland Islands to commemorate the famous battle of the Falklands. This coin is a favourite of ours as this battle is known as the most decisive naval battle in WW1 and represented one of the last important instances of old-style naval warfare. The reverse captures the essence of the importance of this event with an intricate design that features the fast light cruiser HMS Glasgow, one of the key ships in the battle, surrounded by bomb water explosions and the date of the battle.

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