Coloured Coins – State-of-the-art

In the coin industry, there are four main well-known types of metals: gold, silver, platinum and titanium. Many of them have been transformed into incredible innovative coins, which feature effects such as holograms, crystal elements, gem inserts and, most importantly, colour.

Introduction to Innovative Coins

The innovative coins definitely raise the bar of the art and science of coin manufacturing. Influenced mainly by the latest technology, innovative coins make a great mark on the coin industry as they utilise cutting-edge striking techniques to captivate the collectors with distinctive and exclusive coins.    

When it comes to innovative coin production, the key to success lies in special ink development, polished design, textured surface, production room environment, cure time and temperature.  Thanks to the formula above, the numismatic enthusiasts can enjoy truly scientific inventions of coins that are curved, glow in the dark, have a “backlit effect” (dynamic glow effect), and which have been digitally illustrated with high-resolution images using a vivid spectrum of colours.

Why coloured coins?

The appearance of coloured coins takes the numismatic collections into a whole new market place – thanks to a wide range of themes and designs available. In contrast to traditional coins, coloured coins are more likely to be found among collectable pieces rather than circulation releases.

The world’s first coloured circulation coin

On October 21 2004, The Royal Canadian Mint introduced the world’s first coloured circulation coin – a ¢25 poppy coin. Created using a high-speed computer controlled inkjet process, this twenty-five cent piece features a red-coloured poppy, the symbol than pays tribute to the 117,000 brave Canadians that have died while in the service of the nation.

Coloured coins today

If you’re looking for unique pieces to add to your numismatic collection, check out our selection of coloured coins today.

Gibraltar Primates 50p Series: Barbary Ape

This brand new, coloured 50p piece was issued in 2018 on behalf of Gibraltar and features an adult Barbary Macaque with an infant – one of the best-known Old World monkey species living in Gibraltar, the only such population outside of the Northern Africa and the only population of wild monkeys in Europe. 

The Barbary Ape 50p coin makes a perfect addition to both kids or adults numismatic collection, and can be stored in a specially designed 2018 Primates Collectors’ Album – available to pre-order now.


Queen’s Order of the Garter Portrait

In 2016, Pobjoy Mint obtained a licence to reproduce a special portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II on a coloured crown – featuring a colour portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II shown in full Order of the Garter Robes by Alastair Barford.

Issued on behalf of the Falkland Island, this officially licenced 1 Crown piece marks the milestone of HM Queen Elizabeth II being the Longest Reigning British Monarch, and has been produced in 1oz Proof Fine Silver highlighting the garment colours of such prestigious honour.

Queen’s Order of the Garter Portrait – Proof Fine Silver Crown is available to buy here.


Brazil 2016 Summer Olympics – Coloured Sterling Silver Coin Set

Released to commemorate the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, this coloured set of four sterling silver coins set was released on behalf of British Virgin Islands in 2016 with a limited issue of 10,000.

The designs on the four coins include two new sports which made a welcome return to the Games after a long absence; those included Golf and Rugby Sevens. Two other designs feature the Triathlon and Beach Volleyball.

You can read more about the Olympic coins here.


Queen Elizabeth II Sapphire Coronation: Coat of Arms – 2018 Blue Titanium Coins

To celebrate the 65th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey, a stunning blue titanium coin has been released. The piece features the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom which are used by Her Majesty in her official capacity as Monarch of the United Kingdom. The pattern that surrounds the Coat of Arms replicates the pattern created at Her Majesty’s Coronation gown, designed by Norman Hartnell.

The Coat of Arms – 2018 Blue Titanium Coins has a limited mintage of 7,500 and comes in a unique presentation box with a certificate, making a magnificent addition to any numismatic collection. Order yours today.