How to Introduce Coin Collecting to your Children

Many coin enthusiasts will begin collecting from a young age, usually as a result of either their parents or grandparents sharing their passion for collecting.

Sharing a hobby of yours with someone else, especially your children, can often bring you closer together. It can also give you the opportunity to have someone else to talk about coin collecting with. When attending coin collecting events, it can be nice to have a familiar face and it is also the perfect opportunity for a day out with your child.

First things first

Before you begin your coin collection for your child it is important that you decide on how much you are willing to spend on the collection. If you are not sure your child will take to collecting, then keeping it simple is a good start.

The best way to to build a low-cost coin collection, is to collect circulated coins. There are many interesting coins appearing in circulation. This is not only a perfect solution for saving money, but also if you just want to kick-start the collecting bug and not sell the coins on at a later date.

It is best not to collect historic coins for your children, as they are likely to want to handle the coins. With historic coins it is best not to handle them too much as it can cause wear, and result in the details becoming less visible.


One of the best ways to get your children into coin collecting is by finding collectable coins with their favourite characters. There are plenty of coins featuring popular children’s characters.

If your child is already collecting items for a certain character or characters, then adding a coin to the collection can help to kick-start a passion for coin collecting.

Perhaps your child has always wanted to collect certain items but don’t yet have the room for them. This is when a coin collection can come in handy. They don’t take up as much space as children’s toys, plus when your child is older their collection might be worth something.

Staying Interested

It can be hard for children to sustain their interest over the long term. Keeping the collection constantly fun and entertaining is a challenge, but one worth pursuing as the collection grows. To make the look of collecting appealing, you could keep the coins in a plastic folder, which children can decorate themselves. This is suitable if you are not going to be selling this collection in the future.

Even if the coins aren’t historic and you don’t know the history behind them, you can create fun stories around the coins. If there is a character featured on the coin, you can either retell a story about that character or make one up yourself. Why not try taking a few coins, and creating a story around the people or characters on those coins?

You can find coin collections of popular fairy tales, which come with their own storybook. These coins are perfect for those times where you are struggling to come up with an original story for a specific coin.

If you decide to collect coins in circulation, you can turn this into a little game. Looking for coins in circulation requires a keen eye, as it can be very rare that you find a coin you are looking for. For your child it can be a burst of excitement when they find a coin they have been on the hunt for.

Safe and Suitable

Coin collecting shouldn’t be introduced to very young children. Many coins will be fairly small and could be a choking hazard for young children. It is safer if you set aside some time during the week to sit down with your child and go through the collection together. Do not allow children to handle to coins on their own without any adult supervision.

When not looking at the coins, keep them stored in a fire-proof safe. Even if you aren’t thinking of selling your collection in the future, it is still a good idea to keep them stored safely. This will ensure that you can keep them in the best condition, while also teaching your child how to store coins safely.

Benefits of coin collecting for children

There can be many benefits of introducing children to coin collecting other than that you will have a common interest with them. Coin collecting can help your child learn money and the value of money. With many coins having interesting designs, it can help to make learning more fun for your child.

Coin collecting can introduce children to some responsibility. Keeping coins in good condition takes dedication and restraint especially when it comes to handling the coins.

Once they begin to grow their coin collection, it will start to give them something to be proud of. It could also encourage them to take pride in a variety of other activities they are involved in.

Beginning a coin collection for your children can inspire them to take part in further activities. It can also help them to have an appreciation for history and culture by learning about how coins are produced and how they have evolved over the years.