Most Unusual Shaped Coins

Have you ever-wondered why coins are round instead of square or rectangle?

According to history, coins began to be shaped in mostly a circular form because it was the perfect shape on which to depict portraits.

Moreover, this common shape helps coins to roll, which comes in handy for vending.

But not all the coins adapted to the same shape standards – here at Pobjoy Mint we have put together a collection of the most exceptional and unique coin forms from around the world.

2004 Guitar Coins, Somalia

To mark the 50th anniversary of Rock ‘n Roll, in 2004 Somalia released a limited-number of guitar-shaped coins.

Paying homage to some iconic electric guitars, the collection includes an American Flag Stars and Stripes Gibson Flying V, a classic red and white Fender Stratocaster, a black Gibson Flying V, a pink star guitar used by various rock stars including Gary Glitter and Abba, a blue Gibson X-Plorer and a yellow Klein. These $1 coins are legal tender of Somalia.

Made of silver-plated copper-nickel, each coin is an example of a brilliant uncirculated quality, weighs about 10 grams and measures approximately 45 mm in diameter.

2016 Lunar Year of the Monkey: Lock Charm Shaped Coin

Issued on behalf of the British Virgin Islands this beautiful, uncirculated $1 piece was released to celebrate the Chinese New Year of Monkey.

The design features an intrepid monkey walking along a branch surrounded by cherry blossom, which is one of the most popular flowers as a symbol of good luck.  The coin was formed in shape of a Chinese lock charm, which is also believed to protect a person and from evil and to bring fortune, official rank and long life.

2016 Lunar Year of the Monkey: Lock Charm Shaped Coin is available from Pobjoy Mint with a limited issue of 5,000. Secure yours today!

Euro 2012: Double currency jigsaw

To mark the European football championships hosted by Poland and Ukraine, both countries released a very rare bi-national jigsaw coin which, when joined together, forms a flag shape. One side of the completed coin is illustrated with the UEFA trophy, while the reverse side embodies an image of four footballers in action.

Each set of four coins features two currencies, Polish zloty and Ukrainian hryvnia, and had a limited mintage of 15,000.

British Virgin Islands 2014 – The Eiffel Tower

Issued in 2014, this beautiful silver antique finished coin commemorates the 125th Anniversary of the completion of the Eiffel Tower and makes a unique addition to any numismatic album.

This exclusive and detailed $10 piece has been released to celebrate the exciting history of this cultural French icon, and has been carefully struck to reflect its complexity.

The obverse of the coin carries an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II designed by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS, which has appeared on all UK coinage since 1998.

To order your own copy of the Eiffel Tower $10 piece, visit Pobjoy Mint today.

2015 Seven New Wonders of the World: Spherical Coin

This $7 7 oz. Proof Silver Spherical piece is one of rarest coins that any collector will see. The very first spherical coin in numismatic history was struck in Poland on behalf of Niue Island, using brand new technology that involves precise 3D laser engraving.

The coin was created by the Mint of Poland to commemorate the Seven Wonders of the World, chosen by a mass poll from the New7Wonders foundation. The piece features a design based on the 1638 hand-drawn world map Nova totius terrarum orbis geographica ac hydrographica tabula created by eminent Dutch cartographer Willem Janszoon Blaeu, and was struck in the form of a globe with the locations of each New World Wonder highlighted with a Swarovski crystal.

2015 Rugby World Cup

Issued by The Monnaie de Paris and accredited by World Rugby, this €10 piece commemorates the 2015 Rugby Wold Cup held in England in 2015.

Produced using a new technical innovation, the coin features an oval shape with a convex obverse and bowl-shaped reverse that imitates the shape of a rugby ball. The obverse side embodies sixteen players from two teams that are locked in a scrimmage. Developed using a special frosting technique that differentiates the two teams: one appears in dark jerseys, the other in light-coloured jerseys.

The reverse side illustrates two rugby players, a silhouette of the William Webb Ellis Trophy and the initials of République Française.

The official Rugby World Cup Coins is available in both gold and silver, and has a limited mintage of 500.