Our Favourite Isle of Man 50p Coins

The Isle of Man has released numerous coins, many of them being 50p coins, over the years. Two of the main themes for these coins are the annual TT Races held in the Isle of Man and of course the traditional Christmas holiday.

We take a look at some of our favourite 50p coins Pobjoy has created on behalf of the Isle of Man.


Every year, as Christmas fast approaches, the Isle of Man release a special 50 pence coin to mark the festive season. The Christian tradition of celebrating the twelve days of Christmas is based verses in the holy Bible and the belief that the three kings took twelve days to reach Bethlehem.

2005 saw the start of the Manx Christmas 50p coin took its theme from the Christmas carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. As the first day of Christmas was a partridge in a pear tree it was only right that the first coin should resemble the fruit loving avian.

You can also find a coin for the third day of Christmas in this collection. This coin features three French hens on the reverse of the coin. These coins are available in Diamond Finish Cupro Nickel and Proof Sterling Silver, and come presented in a beautiful Christmas card.

TT Races

The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is an annual motor racing event that takes place at the Snaefell Mountain Course. It has been known for many years as the ultimate test for not only competitors but also their machines. It is one of the most prestigious motor racing events in the World.

There is no other motorcycle race that is as thrilling as the Isle of Man TT Races. You won’t be able to see any other race on a more challenging track like the Snaefell Mountain course. With its never-ending series of bends, jumps, stonewalls, manhole covers and telegraph poles, this course is a true test of a driver’s abilities.

Over the years Pobjoy has released a variety of 50 pence coins on behalf of the Isle of Man, to celebrate the TT Races milestones.

In 2007 the TT Races celebrated their 100th year. Pobjoy was delighted to release a number of different coins to celebrate this huge milestone. One of these coins was a 50 pence piece to honour this huge milestone. This 50 pence coin features Dave Molyneux, the fastest sidecar diver around the TT course.

To celebrate the 50 years of Yamaha at the TT races, Pobjoy created a 50 pence coin which features a motorcyclist racing on a Yamaha bike. You can also celebrate seven of the TT Races legends in one 50 pence coin.

Whether you are exclusively collecting 50 pence coins or coins from the Isle of Man, these are some fantastic coins to add to your collection, or to even begin your collection with.