Prime Minister of the Bahamas presented with coin from Pobjoy Mint – March 2016

Keith Jacobsen, Co-Owner of International Coin Alliance (ICA) and one of our official wholesalers in the US, had the opportunity to meet Perry Christie, the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, while showcasing some of his most popular products at the Global Financial Summit in Paradise Island, Bahamas last Wednesday 16th March 2016.

Along his wife Wendy and two daughters, Allie (9) and Audrey (7), they were able to present the Prime Minister with one of Pobjoy’s most celebrated products; The Penny Black Coin. This original Pobjoy product celebrates the 175th Anniversary of the Penny Black stamp.

Back in 1990, Pobjoy Mint issued a coin which was recognised as the most innovative coin of its time, and which was awarded no less than three Coin of the Year (COTY) Awards - Best Crown, Most Innovative Coinage and overall Coin of the Year.

The coin in question was produced to commemorate the anniversary of the world's first adhesive stamp which was introduced in Britain in 1840 by famous reformer, Rowland Hill. The stamp made philatelic history, with a beautiful but simple design by Henry Corbould showing the profile of the young Queen Victoria. This stamp became popularly known in the world as the 'Penny Black'.

When this very special guest stopped by his booth, Jacobsen was able to show him a variety of our products including the 60oz Silver Diamond Jubilee coin along the Penny Black Set (1/5 Gold & Silver) and the Copper Pearl-effect Penny Black in a Pack.

 Keith Jacobsen has spent 25 years in the coin industry and he has helped thousands of customers add value to their collections and portfolio.
The Global Financial Summit is an exclusive investment conference that brings together an all-star cast of financial gurus, economic forecasters and geopolitical analysts every year. This year’s summit was co-sponsored by Freedom Fest and the Financial Policy Council. 

Working alongside some of the biggest wholesalers in the world of numismatics, Pobjoy Mint has always stood with great success within the industry and we take great pride in successful stories like these that make our clients and our products stand out from the crowd.

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