The Last of the Angels

Pobjoy’s long-standing partnership with the Isle of Man government is coming to an end early next year, so it’s a good chance to look back at some of the most popular coins we’ve minted for the Isle of Man.

And there can be none more popular than the Isle of Man Angel – the first (and last) Reverse Proof Silver Bullion coin produced on behalf of the government.

Angel coins have a rich history. The original angel coin was an old English gold coin that was introduced by Edward IV in 1465, as a new issue of the Noble. Originally based on a French coin know as the Angelot or Ange. These names were derived from the representation of archangel Michael slaying a dragon design on the coin.

The Angel was though to bring good luck and health and was traditionally given to sufferers of the disease known as “King’s evil” or scrofula, in a mediaeval ceremony intending to cure them with the “royal touch”.

The reverse of the coin depicted a ship with arms and rays on sun at the masthead. The legend written on the coin reads “PER CRUCEM TUAM SALVA NOS CHRISTE REDEMPTOR”, which means “By Thy Cross Save Us, Christ Redeemer”.

The Angel coin has become iconic, and a number of English pubs were even named after it. The Angel Inn, located in Islington, was given its name after the coin; with the Angel tube station being named after the pub.

Isle of Man 2016 Angel – Reverse Proof Silver Bullion

After the success of the Gold Bullion Angel, Pobjoy minted the first and last Reverse Proof Silver Bullion Angel on behalf of the Isle of Man.

The modern Angel continues to uphold the remarkable tradition it has built up over hundreds of years. This is the third design in the coin’s illustrious history since first being issued in 1984 by Pobjoy Mint.

The design for this legal tender reverse proof silver coin has a modern twist of the original Angel St. Michael and the dragon with a frosted background. This new coin was approved by Buckingham Palace and carried an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Lord of Mann by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS which also features a frosted background.

According to Silver Trader, the coin “will be one of the most sought-after bullion coins for collectors in the years to come”, and is “probably the best made Bullion coin of the year”.

To produce the frosted-finish background, the coin was struck four times, with the design being sculpted in striking relief.

The angel coin is still available from Pobjoy Mint in both Gold and Silver bullion. With a mintage of 100,000, it is a truly amazing coin, which is prized by collectors all over the world. 

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Officially the last Pobjoy Mint Angel issued on the behalf of the Isle of Man.

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