Sierra Leone 2008 - Noctural Animals: Duiker - Cupro Nickel Blackened Effect $1 Coin

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Coin Highlights

  • 2008 Uncirculated Cupro Nickel – Blackened effect $1
  • Issued on behalf of Sierra Leone
  • Issue: Unlimited
  • Unique presentation pouch
  • Also available in Proof Sterling Silver Blackened effect with 2 Diamonds $10


For 2008 Pobjoy Mint released on behalf of the Bank of Sierra Leone, a superb series of coins depicting some of Africa’s Nocturnal Animals, to emphasize their desire to preserve the irreplaceable wildlife which forms a valuable part of their heritage.

This collector's coin features the Duiker – The name ‘duiker’ comes from the Afrikaans word for diver and refers to how these small antelopes practice diving into tangles of shrubbery.  Duikers are recognised by their low-slung bodies, slender legs, wedge-shaped heads topped by a crest of long hair and their relatively large eyes.  There are 17 species of duiker and the Jentink’s duiker of Sierra Leone is also classified as Endangered.

In the surround of the coins, the border contains a design of stylised African animals and the obverse of each coin carries the Coat of Arms of Sierra Leone. Since all of these animals are known for their night vision, the coins are available in Unc. Cupro Nickel and Proof Sterling Silver but with a special blackened effect.  The Proof Sterling Silver versions also have Diamonds inserted into the eyes of the animals and are struck four times to attain the highest quality ‘proof’ finish. 

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Nocturnal describes those animals that sleep during the day and become active at night and this new set of coins features four of the extraordinary species of nocturnal animals that make up one part of Africa’s wonderful diversity of wildlife and they are classified as Endangered by W.W.F. Other animals featuring in this series are:

  • Pygmy Hippopotamus – There are two species of hippo found in Africa and the pygmy is the smaller of the two weighing between 440 and 605 pounds.  Limited to very restricted ranges in West Africa, the pygmy hippo is a shy, solitary forest dweller.  Primarily threatened by loss of habitat with forests being logged and converted into farm land, it is estimated that there are now only 3,000 remaining in the wild.
  • Honey Badger – The ratel, also known as the honey badger because of its fondness for honey, is a small stocky animal which has been named in the Guinness Book of World Records as  the most fearless animal in the world.  The honey badger has a strong and muscular body, long claws ideal for digging and in appearance carries a striking pattern of black lower body and white upper body fur which extends along its bushy tail.  Although they are not typically preyed upon, they do face hostile competition from man and are increasingly poisoned, trapped, and shot.
  • Bush Baby – Named so because of its cute appearance and loud shrill cries, the bush baby is one of the smallest primates and more commonly known as the lesser galago.  Perfect for night vision, the bush baby has large round eyes and their bat-like ears allow them to track their prey in the dark.  Powered by its long tail, the bush baby can leap up to 10 yards in a matter of seconds.
Metal Unc. Cupro Nickel – Blackened effect $1
Diameter 38.60 mm
Weight 28.28 gms
Issue Limit Unlimited

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