Reward Points

The Pobjoy Mint Reward Points Program rewards loyal customers with every purchase made. Points are accumulated based on making purchases and customers need to be registered to redeem them. With our brand new rewards points system, every purchase can earn you points towards money off.


What you need to know:
You'll earn 1 point for every £1/$1 (before VAT) you spend.
If we have any bonus point offers on selected products, you can earn even more points!
You can start redeeming your points once you hit 100 points.
Earn 100 points to receive £10 off ($10 for Americas)
All products will have their points value displayed.
Points will be redeemed after an order is confirmed and dispatched.
Returns or cancellations will result in your points being cancelled.
Points are held for 12 months from the moment you earn them and will expire if not redeemed within this timeframe.
You need to have an account with pobjoy.com to earn points.
Bullion products are excluded.


Why should I sign up to earn points?
Earn points with every purchase you make.
You can use your points as partial or full payment every time you shop (after the first 100 points!).
You're in control! You can choose to use your points on any order you like.
Access your account anytime to find how many points you have earned under the 'Reward Points' tab.


Ways to earn points:
Spend £1/$1 = Earn 1 point
Registration (New users only) = 15 points
Newsletter Subscription (New users only) = 5 points
Social Media Share* = 5 points
Birthday = 10 points


Please note the rewards points program starts on Tuesday 29th March 2022 at 09:00 hrs (GMT), so only orders placed from that date onwards can redeem points. *Share our product pages on social media to earn social media share points, you can only redeem up to 20 points per month. Please note, our Reward Points Program does not have a redeemable cash value.  In order to earn the birthday points, you must have added this information to your account. Start earning points today, sign up here!

**If you have an account on both the UK and the USA shop points cannot be combined between accounts/shops.**