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  1. The Tall Ships Series

    The Tall Ships Series

    In 2020, we launched a new series of coins featuring Tall Ships which have enjoyed great popularity since the very first release. To date, we have produced five coins in the Tall Ships Series: HMS Resolution, HMS Erebus, Cutty Sark, HMS Terror and our newest release, Scotia. This post will provide you with a brief description of each of the five Tall Ships in the series to help you complete your collection.


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  2. 5 Common Misconceptions about Coin Collecting

    5 Common Misconceptions about Coin Collecting
    We’ve complied a list of 5 common misconceptions about coin collecting to help you avoid making the mistakes that are easily made.
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  3. Choosing Coins: The Pobjoy Way

    Choosing Coins: The Pobjoy Way
    The process of manufacturing coins and the approvals needed can be very complex and lengthy; however, here is how it is done at Pobjoy Mint. We research commemorative anniversaries and celebrations, check various topics and review these to see if they are relevant to the countries we work with.
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  4. Essential Coin Collecting Tips for Beginners

    Essential Coin Collecting Tips for Beginners
    Starting a new coin collection with no prior experience could be difficult. The art of coin collecting can be traced back thousands of years to ancient kings and queens, and this can make the prospect of adopting it as a hobby a little bit daunting! In this guide, we cover everything you should have on your radar when embarking on this new hobby.
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  5. The Most Popular Coins of Pobjoy Mint in 2018

    The Most Popular Coins of Pobjoy Mint in 2018
    The Royal Wedding, Brexit negotiations, Britain’s huge success in this year’s World Cup … The year 2018 was a time of momentous triumphs and major events that are bound to leave a solid mark on both the UK history - and its future. 2018 was also an important year for Pobjoy Mint, as we released a number of coins; many of which quickly hit the top of the sales league table as our most successful and sought-after pieces! With the current year drawing to a close, we decided to collaborate with our wonderful Facebook community on this year’s portfolio of coins, and asked them to vote for their favourite from our list of top 5 bestsellers of 2018. Over 150 of our Facebook group members voted, and we can now reveal which of our 2018 ‘themed’ coins our coin-loving community deemed as their favourites.
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