5 Unique Coins That Will Please Every Coin Collector

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to look out for unique gifts that will bring joy long after the festive season has ended. If you happen to have a coin enthusiast among your family or friends, have a look at our roundup of some sought after Pobjoy Mint coins, which would make wonderful Christmas gifts.

1. Falklands Christmas Penguins 50 Pence Coin

Did you know that The Falkland Islands is one of the world’s greatest penguin capitals? Issued on behalf of The Falkland Islands, the Falklands Christmas Penguins 50 pence coin is a proof sterling silver piece and a signature piece in the Pobjoy Mint Christmas coins collection. The reverse side depicts the five sub-species of penguin, which are local to The Falkland Islands – The Rockhopper, The King, The Macaroni, The Magellanic and The Gentoo. The obverse side features the exclusive Pobjoy Mint design of HM Queen Elizabeth II, positioning the coin as an outstanding piece in every numismatic collection. Issued in a limited number of 2,000, the Christmas Penguins 50p has double the weight of a normal 50 pence piece (16.00gms) and diameter of 27.30mm. Pobjoy Mint also offer a Falklands Penguins 50p Coin Series Collectors album to keep your collection safe.

2. 2017 Lunar Year of the Rooster: Lock Charm Shaped Coin

This unique, $10 coloured coin was struck in an incredibly original form that will make a unique addition to many collections. Made of proof fine 1oz silver, the Lunar Year of the Rooster piece has been put in the shape of a Chinese lock charm to celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year – the most important social holiday in China and a grand tradition with a history of over 4000 years. 

This design was issued in both Bronze and Fine 1oz Silver, and It depicts the rooster – a sign associated with optimism, confidence and practicality. It will make a fantastic Christmas gift for any coin enthusiast interested in Chinese New Year and unique coin shapes.

The issue limit of the 2017 Lunar Year coin is 1,000 so hurry up and secure this unique piece today.

3. British Virgin Islands 2013 – Romanov Dynasty 400th Anniversary

Released to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the establishment of the House of Romanov (1613 – 1917), this exclusive coloured set of four magnificent coins will make a seamless addition to any numismatic collection owned by a history buff.

Those uncirculated cupro nickel coins were struck in 2013 on behalf of British Virgin Islands to honour a grand jubilee in the history of Russia – the 400th Anniversary of the Romanov Family, the second imperial dynasty to rule Russia. The Romanov Dynasty reigned from 1613 until the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II on March 15, 1917, as a result of the Russian Revolution.
Each coin is decorated with a portrait of Romanov family members – Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Alexander I and Nicholas II, with a portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse side.  To make the set even more impressive, The Romanov Dynasty 400th collection has been also carefully struck four times to create the famous Pobjoy Proof finish (featuring frosted high relief sculpting against a mirror brilliant background).

4. Winter Olympics South Korea: Ice and Snow Sports 2017 Proof Sterling Silver – 2 Coin Set

A set of two 2018 Olympic coins will make an exceptional gift for any sport enthusiast.

The 2018 Winter Olympics (XXIII Olympic Winter Games) will take place between 9 – 25 February 2018 and will be held in PyeongChang, South Korea. To celebrate this event, Pobjoy Mint have teamed up with Fiji and distributed a limited number or proof sterling silver $2 coins.

The unique pieces feature ice and snow events taking place at the 2018 Olympics, a different frosting techniques in each sport.  The upper sport is shown with the athletes ice-covered in relief with a polished background, while the lower one utilising a reverse frosting technique which gives the impression of the snow or ice upon which the sport takes place. The obverse side of the coins feature the Fijian Coat of Arms, a heraldic design consisting of a shield with the Cross of St. George, Fijian Warriors, a canoe and a Lion on a striking proof background. 

You can secure 2017 Winter Olympics 2 Coin Set here along with an exceptional presentation box and certificate.

5. Gibraltar Festive Santa 50p Coin

What better time to start a new passion than in the New Year?

If you're thinking about introducing coin collecting to your children, then you might find our guide on getting your children into coin collection useful.

Not sure where to start? Gibraltar Festive Santa, the First Gibraltar Christmas 50p coin produced by Pobjoy Mint in 15 years, will make a fantastic present to kick-start a passion for coin collecting! Displayed in a delightful Christmas card, the design features a Jolly Santa singing Christmas carols surrounded by decorative bells and the word “Christmas” engraved above Santa’s head. The Gibraltar Festive Santa Coin is made of Cupro Nickel Diamond Finish and has an issue limit of 10,000 – why not pre-order yours today?