Angry Birds - The Must See Film of 2019


The Angry Birds Movie 2 was released across the UK on the 2nd of August 2019.

Pobjoy Mint is delighted to announce the release of a stunning new series of three coins to celebrate The Angry Birds Movie 2. The 3 coins feature Chuck, Bomb and Red all telling a story with their pose and shows the landscape of Bird Island in the background. Presented in a bespoke colour pack, the coin also includes the special code unlocking content in Rovio's mobile AR companion app, Angry Birds Explore.

An insight into the Angry Birds characters:

Chuck is a free spirit and tends to operate without rules or routines.  He can be a little impulsive and is a very goofy and hyperactive bird.  He is constantly fuelled with energy and can never stop moving.  Unfortunately, Chuck is easily distracted and at times cannot focus on the task handed to him.   This vulnerable characteristic is what allows the piggies to get close to the eggs while he is keeping watch.  However, Chuck is devoted in protecting the eggs.

Bomb is the strongest of the birds and he loves to have fun, however he is not very good at controlling his temper always on the edge of blowing up. Generally speaking, Bomb is the chilliest bird you will ever meet.

Bomb is a doer within the group. While other people get tied up with theories and rules, he’s out there getting things done. Bomb comes across as a very sociable character and loves to be the centre of attention.  Although he may be explosive in name and power he is actually sincere and genuine in his actions, he is always willing to put himself on the front line to help out the other birds in his flock.

Red, the central character is a natural leader, is very strong willed and outspoken.  His self-confidence often intimidates the others as this confidence can be mistaken for arrogance.  He is a very short-tempered bird and his quick temper causes a separation between him and other birds leaving him isolated.  However, once the eggs were stolen by the pigs, Red rose up as the leader and his strong desire to save the Hatchlings proved his leadership qualities.

Issued on behalf of Sierra Leone in conjunction with Rovio Entertainment Corporation, the amazing new coins which feature Chuck, Bomb and Red includes a special code unlocking content in Zappar’s mobile AR companion app. Explore a hub for fun AR experiences that Angry Birds fans can unlock by collecting special codes on our coins. The scannable codes allow users to unlock unique experiences, a Youtube link to view new Angry Birds content, animations and even an art studio to create your own AR masterpieces.

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