Best Places to Find Out More About Coin Collecting

There are a number of reasons why people begin coin collecting; it could be as a hobby to pass the time, or to learn more about the past or even to make a little money. Whatever the reason is, every coin collector has the same passion, coins.

Starting a coin collection can be a daunting thought with there being a lot of information you will need to know before starting a collection. It is important that you know where you’re going to store your coins and have that sorted before buying any coins. You might think that you’ll be fine just leaving them in a draw until you get the appropriate storage solution, although this could actually harm your coins and in turn devalue them.

There are plenty of ways to find the information that you need when starting a coin collection, from the perfect storage solutions to the best places to find coins.


The Internet allows you to find pretty much anything you want with only a few clicks. That includes multiple resources that can give you the answers you’ve been looking for regarding your coin collection.  

Blogs and forums are another place to find everything you are looking for. They are filled with people who have been in the same place as you when starting a coin collection. It can sometimes be better to hear about real-life experiences when it comes to collecting coins.

Forums allow you to speak to other people who share your passion of coin collecting. It also gives others the opportunity to share any tips and tricks they have learnt while starting a coin collection, this includes the best places to find good quality coins and care tips. 

Forums specially created for coin collectors are the best place to find other people with the same interest as you.

Facebook is filled with coin collecting groups. These groups allow you to share your coin collecting tips and tricks with other enthusiast. Many coin manufacturers will also have their very own Facebook group where they share inside information about old and new products including details on die marks, mint marks, privy marks and much more.

A quick search can provide you with a list of other resources for coin collecting. These can include books/magazines and events you must attend.

Coin Magazine/Books

Magazines and books have always been a great source of information for any topic. With most publications focussing on a different area in each issue. This will give you a detailed understanding of certain areas regarding coin collecting.

In most coin collecting magazines you will find tips and advice from the experts. Most magazines will also feature the latest coin news as well as the latest coin values. Towards the back of the magazines you will often find a list of coin collecting events that you can attend.

It’s not just physical formats that you can find magazines in, there are also many online magazines, which you can read whenever, and wherever you want and they don’t take up any space in your home either. These can be downloaded onto your phone, tablet or on your computer.

Coin Mints

There is no better place to find out more about coins than where they were made. You can find out a lot about a coin from where it comes from, even if the Mint is no longer running. Any Coin Mint will be able give you some information about certain coins as they are usually filled with experts that live and breathe coins.

If anyone can tell you what you need to know about coins, it’s those who work in a Coin Mint.


There are hundreds of coin collecting events all over the country each year, and they occur more than you probably thought. Many coin events are monthly affairs and welcome coin lovers from all over.

These are great places to find more about coins. You will find numerous people who are as enthusiastic about coins as you, and collectively they will be able to tell you everything you need to know. 

There is also the opportunity to find coin-collecting clubs in your local area.

Coin collecting events are a great place to take a look at the different styles of coins and at the same time could inspire you to create a new collection. Some people might even be selling some of their coins at these events, which you can then add to your collection.

Coin Collecting Clubs

You can find coin clubs in many locations around the country. These club meetings often happen monthly and allow you the chance to discuss your coins and their history with other members, as well as experts and dealers who will occasionally join the meetings.

You will also have the opportunity to compare notes on coins with other members and have the chance to buy or sell coins in a friendly environment.

No matter how long you have been coin collecting, whether it has been a few months or a few decades, there is always much more you can learn. Having access to a number of different resources allows you to find out more than you ever imagined about coins.