About The Mint

Q) How do I contact the Pobjoy Mint?

A) By Phone: Toll-Free at 1-877-4Pobjoy (1-877-476-2569) (Monday to Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm CST), By Email: [email protected] or fill in the contact form here. 

Q) What is the Pobjoy Mint Address?

A) Pobjoy Mint Ltd Pobjoy Mint Ltd, PO Box 109, Rosemount, MN 55068, United States of America

Q) Do you sell Legal Tender coins?

A) Yes, we sell legal tender coins for several British Overseas Territories including, but limited to, British Virgin Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Falkland Islands, Sierra Leone and others.

Q) Can I visit the Pobjoy Mint?

A) No, unfortunately, we are not open to visitors and we do not offer tours of the mint.

Q) I have a coin I think may be valuable. Can Pobjoy Mint confirm if this is the case?

A) Pobjoy Mint does not value coins and suggests that you contact a reputable coin dealer, who may be able to assist you.

Q) I have a coin I wish to sell. Would Pobjoy Mint be interested in purchasing it?

A) As a Mint, we do not deal in the secondary market of coins and only offer new issues that we have produced. We regret that we are unable to help you with your enquiry and suggest that you contact a reputable coin dealer, who may advertise in Coin News or the Yellow Pages.

Online Shopping

Q) I have forgotten my login details - how do I find my password?

A) Simply use the ‘Forgot Login Details’ button located in the footer panel at the bottom of every page (listed under 'Help'). Or click here.

Q) Where is my order?

A) All orders under $100 are generally shipped via First Class mail through the USPS. Orders over $100 and under $1,000 are shipped via USPS Insured Mail. Orders over $1,000 are generally shipped via FedEx.  Tracking numbers are also available upon request.

  • No Bank Transfers Accepted
  • Encyclopedia orders - should have our e-mail address [email protected]
  • Phone Number should always be Toll-Free 1-877-4Pobjoy (1-877-476-2569)

All in-stock items are usually dispatched within 72 hours. 

Q) Which credit cards do you accept?

A) Visa, Mastercard and American Express

Q) Can I pay by bank transfer?

A) No, we do not accept bank transfer for online goods but feel free to give us a call and we can take your order over the telephone via Toll Free 1-877-4Pobjoy (1-877-476-2569).

Q) Can I pay by check?

A) Yes, checks will be cashed upon receipt and your order will be scheduled to be dispatched 10 business days following deposit.  Please make your check payable to Pobjoy Mint Ltd

Q) How much is delivery?

A) Please see our delivery information page.

Q) How quickly will my items be dispatched?

A) In stock items are usually dispatched within 72 hours.

Q) The product I wish to purchase is currently listed as out of stock – can I still order it?

A) For any out of stock items, we will aim to deliver these within 28 days of acceptance of your order. If we are unable to deliver within this time period, we will offer a substitute coin or a revised delivery date. You may accept the substitute goods or revised delivery date, or you can cancel and receive a full refund.

Q) Can I order coins listed in the Encyclopaedia?

A) Some coins listed in the Encyclopaedia may still be available for purchase – please email [email protected] with full details of the coin you are interested in including the metal you wish to obtain the coin in.

Q) This is a gift – can I order for it to be gift wrapped?

A) We do not gift wrap individual coins, however, all precious metal coins come in a presentation box with a certificate. If you are ordering an uncirculated cupro-nickel or base metal coin you can add a presentation box to your order, otherwise, these will be delivered in a presentation pouch.

Q) Does my coin come in a box?

A) All precious metal coins are packaged in a box unless stated otherwise (see the Coin Highlights on each individual product page for full details). All Uncirculated Cupro Nickel and Base Metal coins will be delivered in a protective presentation pouch – a box can be purchased if required.

Q) Can I purchase a box for my coin?

A) Yes – a beautiful presentation box can be purchased (search for ‘Coin Box’ to add to your basket). Please note that all precious metal coins come in a box unless stated otherwise (see Coin Highlights on each individual product page for full details).

Q) What is the refund policy?

A) If you wish to return a product you must contact us to organise this within 14 days of receipt of the item.
     Your refund will be processed within 30 days of the date you have cancelled your order and returned the product to us.
     We will usually refund any money received by the same method originally used to pay for your purchase but we reserve the right to refund by any other reasonable means.
     Should you have any queries regarding the return of your purchased item please email [email protected]

For further details please see our Returns and Refunds Policy.

About The Coins

Q) What is Proof Finish?

A) Proof finish refers to the fact that the coin has been struck four times to produce a brilliant mirror finish quality with frosted relief. This is the highest quality product available.

Q) What is Diamond Finish?

A) Diamond Finish refers to the fact that the blanks have been polished before striking which means that they are not proof quality. Cupro Nickel Diamond Finish coins are struck once in a polished blank.

Q) What is Bullion Finish?

A) Bullion finish refers to coins that have a matt finish and have been struck once. They usually don't have an issue limit and have a "U" mark on them.

Q) What is Uncirculated Finish?

A) A term used to denote coins that have a lower quality standard than proof as they have only been struck once. These coins have not been put into general circulation, however, they can have small imperfections.

Q) Should I clean dark or dirty coins?

A) No, we highly recommend that you contact us or a specialist so your coins can be cleaned. We recommend that you do not do this yourself.

Q) How can you tell the difference between an Uncirculated Cupro Nickel and Proof Sterling Silver coin?

A) You are able to tell the difference between an Uncirculated Cupro Nickel Coin and a Silver coin by carrying out the following test. If you lay a sheet of tissue over a Silver and a Cupro Nickel coin, the Silver coin will shine through as white whilst the Uncirculated Cupro Nickel coin appears duller in comparison.

Please contact us if you have any specific questions Toll Free at 1-877-4Pobjoy (1-877-476-2569).