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South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Penguin 50p Series: Chinstrap - 2020 Coloured Cupro Nickel Diamond Finish

South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Penguin 50p Series: Chinstrap - 2020 Coloured Cupro Nickel Diamond Finish

Limited Edition Gibraltar 50p Set - 2018 Cupro Nickel 6 Coin 50p Set

Availability: In stock
  • Limited Edition 50p 6 Coin Set
  • Issued on Behalf of Gibraltar
  • Low Issue Limit: 950 - Sure to be a Sell out!
  • 6 Coins for the Price of 5
  • All 6 coins will be issued inside a single Pobjoy Mint pouch
Regular Price US$54.95 Special Price US$41.95

This set is sold in circulating quality and all 6 coins will be dispatched inside ONE single pouch. 

After the incredible response to the 2018 Gibraltar Primates series in colour, Pobjoy Mint is excited to announce the release of a limited edition UNCOLOURED set of 6 coins.

Included in this set:

  • The Barbary Ape - This species is one of the best known Old World monkeys, with the males playing an unusual role in rearing the young. Therefore, the design on this coin shows an adult Barbary Macaque Ape with an infant
  • The Baboon - Potentially the most identifiable of the primate world, Baboons most well-known feature is arguably their large, hairless bottoms. They are also known for their vocalisations of which they have 10 different ways in which they communicate. The design on this coin features an adult Baboon. 
  • The Chimpanzee - Believed to be one of the closest living relatives of humans, nearly all chimpanzee populations have been recorded as using 'human-like' tools. The design on this coin features an adult Chimpanzee with an infant. 
  • The Red Colobus Monkey - Their diet is mainly made from leaves, and whilst most animals are unable to access the nutrition in leaves due to digestion issues, the Red Colobus Monkey has a large four0chambered stomach filled with beneficial bacteria to help digestion 
  • Calpe House - Commonly known as a Home from Home, Calpe House allows sponsored patients from Gibraltar to be accommodated for free whilst receiving treatment in London. 
  • Referendum - On 10th September 1967, the people of Gibraltar voted in a referendum on whether they wished to become Spanish or remain British. On a turnout of 95.8%, the result was overwhelmingly in favour of the British option with 12,138 voting to remain British versus 44 voting to become Spanish. For the first time, Gibraltarians had definitely and unequivocally decided their own future. 

This LIMITED EDITION series will be the only chance to own the stunning Primates Series in Uncoloured Cupro Nickel. The obverse of each coin shows the Pobjoy Mint exclusive Effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 

**Please note, that all 6 coins will come inside a single (1) Pobjoy Mint pouch 

More Information
Coin Year 2018
Government Gibraltar
Coin Metal Cupro Nickel
MetalCirculating Cupro Nickel 50p Coin
Issue Limit950

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