A look back at our most unusual British Virgin Isles coins

Located in the Caribbean to the east of Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands are a British Overseas Territory. Pobjoy Mint has been entrusted with creating a range of incredible designs that pay homage to the region. From simple beautiful coins through to more intricate designs, Pobjoy has been the creator of some of the most spectacular and sometimes unusual coins.

We take a look at some of the most unusual and interesting coins Pobjoy has designed for the British Virgin Isles.

World First - Inverted Swan Stamp

Western Australia issued their first stamps in 1854, which featured the colony’s symbol, The Black Swan. Originally English company Perkins, Bacon & Co had engraved the 1d black. Other values, including the 4d blue, we produced in Perth by Horace Samson. Each value featured a different frame design around the swan.

When it came to needing more 4d stamps, it was found that two of the impressions were damaged. One of the replaced frames was tilted and another redone upside down. Almost 100 sheets were printed before the mistake was discovered and corrected. This resulted in a total of 388 errors being printed. This error went unreported for several years with only 15 complete copies surviving and no unused copies known of.

No two titanium coins are exactly the same; this is due to the difficulty of striking the metal.

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Big Ben Shaped Coin

To celebrate Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday, this Big Ben coin has been uniquely produced in the shape of one of London’s most famous landmarks, showcasing its stunning architecture.

The time shown on the clock face is the actual time the Queen was born, 2:40 in the morning.  The obverse of the coin features Her Majesty’s effigy by Pobjoy Mint as well as some of the tower’s architectural details.

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Eiffel Tower Shaped Coin

To mark the 125th Anniversary of the completion of the Eiffel Tower, Pobjoy Mint announced the release of this unique coin. This coin was released in Proof-like Fine 999. Silver Antique Finish and is an impressive collectors item.

The effigy of Her Majesty, by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS, features on the observe of the coin. Rank-Broadley is one of the foremost sculptors working today, with his effigy of H.M Queen Elizabeth II appearing on all UK coinage since 1998. Pobjoy Mint has exclusive use of the ‘uncouped’ effigy that you will see on the observe of these coins.

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Queen’s 90th Birthday Shaped Coin

As a mark of the Queen’s 90th Birthday celebrations, Pobjoy produced this coin in the shape of the number 90. To highlight this unique shape a bouquet of flowers frames the numbers. This bouquet is made up of the national flowers of the United Kingdom countries, the Rose of England, the Thistle of Scotland, the Daffodil of Wales and the Shamrock of Ireland.  

A portrait of The Queen can be found in the centre of the “0” with the value of the coin being featured in the centre of the “9”. The obverse holds Her Majesty’s effigy with a continuation of the bouquet design.

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2012 Lunar Year of the Dragon

At the time of the initiation of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, astrologists established the 12 animal signs of the Zodiac as shorthand symbols of the 12 earthly branches. The earthly branches were an ancient system of dividing the year into 12 months. It was later on that the full horoscope came into effect.

A Silver and Crystal coin was released by Pobjoy to commemorate the Year of the Dragon.  The 12 animal signs of the Zodiac can be seen surrounding a red crystal with an incredible Dragon etched into it.

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2016 Lunar Year of the Monkey: Lock Charm Shaped Coin

February 8th 2016 saw the beginning of the Lunar Year of the Monkey, which has been celebrated since 2600BC and is based on the cycles of the moon.

The design of this coin features an intrepid monkey walking along a branch, which is surrounded by cherry blossom. The cherry blossoms are most commonly considered as one of the popular flowers as a symbol of good luck.

What makes this coin so unique is the shape in which it has been designed in, a Chinese lock charm. This type of charm is based on the traditional Chinese device that is used to safeguard possessions and property. Its main purpose is to protect you from evil and bring you good luck, fortune, official rank and a long life.

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There are numerous other unique British Virgin Isles coins available from Pobjoy in a variety of shapes and metals. You can view more of our British Virgin Isles coins here.

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