Stone Set Coins - Which Ones Shine the Brightest?

From crystals to diamonds, setting stones into coins is a fantastic way to make them even more special. Usually you would find these stones added to a coin that is to celebrate a huge event.  

We take a look at some of the best stone set coins available at Pobjoy. 

Queen’s Double Portrait in High Relief

This High Relief coin has been released on behalf of the Ascension Island, for the Queen’s 90th Birthday. The coin features a “Double Portrait” of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Alongside a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II today is a portrait of her younger self. This coin is something else thanks to three 0.005 Carat diamonds inset into the Queen’s crown, which is highlighted by the High Relief of both portraits. 

Each of these incredibly engineered coins has been struck to the highest quality, to ensure that “Pobjoy Finish”. This limited coin is a fitting tribute to Her Majesty the Queen for her very special 90th birthday.

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British Indian Ocean Territory- Life of the Turtle

On behalf of the British Indian Ocean Territory Government, Pobjoy is pleased to announce the release of this Life of the Turtle collector’s coin. This commemorative coin is only the second coin made for the British Indian Territory and is the second coin produced by Pobjoy Mint with a combination of silver and crystal.

This stunning coin depicts the journey of the marine turtle. The beautiful aqua coloured crystal is what makes this coin even more special, especially with the incredible etched image of a turtle.

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British Virgin Islands Coronation of Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I’s story of being crowned was not the easiest. After being deprived of the title Princess at the age of 2. Her father, Henry VIII, then died when she was just 13 years old. Her half-brother, Edward, then took over the crown up until he died aged 15.

After the crown was left to Lady Jane Grey, it soon went to Mary, Elizabeth’s older half-sister. Mary’s relationship with her half-sister Elizabeth was strained. With Mary soon having Elizabeth arrested and interrogated in the tower of London before eventually putting her under house arrest at Hatfield House. Elizabeth then succeeded the throne after Mary’s death in 1558.

2009 celebrated the 450th anniversary of the crowning of Queen Elizabeth I. Pobjoy issued two stone set coins, on behalf of the British Virgin Islands to commemorate this special anniversary.

The first coin depicts Queen Elizabeth I standing between two pillars dressed in her coronation robe. In her left hand she holds the Sovereign’s Orb and in the right hand she holds the sceptre, which has a 0.01ct ruby inset.

The second coin’s design is taken from a Gold Ryal (1583-1585) and shows Queen Elizabeth I aboard a ship. The surround of the coin has the words “Queen Elizabeth I” with a 1.0mm pearl inset into the coin.

These coins are available as a set or individuals.

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Stone set coins are a great addition to any coin collection and make an already beautiful coin into something spectacular.