Isle of Man 2009 - Terracota Army 2 Coin Set with Replica Figurine - Sterling Silver Crown

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Coin Highlights

  • 2009 Proof Sterling Silver – 1 Crown
  • Issued on behalf of the Isle of Man
  • Issue: 10,000
  • Unique presentation box, terracotta army replica figurine and certificate which tells the story.
  • Also available in Proof Fine 999.9 1/5 oz Gold Crown


Pobjoy Mint released a pair of silver coins on behalf of the Isle of Man Treasury to commemorate the coming of the Terracotta Army to the British Museum in London in 2009. These were also the first coins that Pobjoy Mint ever made with a hole through the centre. The coins are part of an ongoing History of Man series which started with the Tutankhamun collection.

There are two designs in the Terracotta Army series; ‘The Making Of The Soldier’ and ‘The Making Of The Horse’ both of these designs show the production process of the c. 7,000 figures comprising the Terracotta Army, showing a few of the many production techniques that were used including coiling, rolling, slab building and the use of moulds. Details to the figures were applied by hand and they were then fired and painted. These coins portray an impressive example of early mass production, involving over 1,000 men.

The main feature of these coins and what sets them apart from other commemorative coins is the fact that there is a hole through the centre. This replicates the ‘Banliang’ coins of the state of Qin, which were circulated around the time that the Terracotta Army was being produced. The word Banliang means ‘half-ounce’ which was the weight of all Banliang coins at the time of China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi.

These Terracotta Army coins are available as a 2 coin set in a presentation box. You are also able to purchase either of these coins on their own in a presentation box. All precious metal coins come with a delightful and charming Terracotta army replica figurine of ‘The General’ which stands 7.5cm tall. Also included in the delightfully apt presentation box is a full colour certificate which tells a story about the history of the Terracotta Army.

Approved by Buckingham Palace the obverse of each coin carries a fine effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS FSNAD.

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These unique 2009 dated coins are available now in Sterling Silver and 999.9 gold.

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Metal Proof Sterling Silver – 1 Crown
Diameter 38.60mm
Weight 28.28gms
Issue Limit 10,000