2019 Gibraltar Islands Games - 3 Coin Set In Themed Numbered Packs

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Coin Highlights

  • 2019 Gibraltar Island Games £2, £1 and 50p Coin Set
  • Issued on Behalf of the Government of Gibraltar
  • Each Coin Issue Limit: 2019
  • Presented in 3 Stunning Numbered Presentation Packs
  • Please note, after Wednesday 8th July, we cannot guarantee the same numbers on the packs


Please note that this is a pre-order item and orders will be dispatched from Monday 10th August 2020 onwards in chronological order **Pre-order

At the beginning of the 1980s, the idea of organising “The Year of Sports” was first born, with the highlight of the year being the Islands Games. These Games provided an opportunity for the athletes from the different participating islands to compete internationally and to establish links between the different islands.

To commemorate the Island games which took place in 2019, Pobjoy Mint is pleased to announce the release of three of the most desirable coins produced on behalf of the Government of Gibraltar.

The 2019 Islands Games were hosted by Gibraltar and the designs on the coins utilise the logos of the International Island Games showing some of the different sports that make up the Island Games. With each segment of the logo alternately polished and frosted, the overall effect makes these circulating coins quite unique.

The 3 Coins in this set feature:

  • Cycling was introduced at the first games in 1985 but at the time only men were able to compete. The women’s events were started in 1997. The design on the two-pound coin shows the cycling logo of the islands games. The wording ‘Island Games’ appears around the surround with the value ‘TWO POUNDS’ shown at the base.
  • Tennis has been played in the Islands Games since 1991 and has appeared in all but two of the games. The location for the tennis event was in a location which is rarely affected by winds, providing near-perfect playing conditions. The design on the one-pound coin shows the Tennis logo of the Island games. 
  • Sailing was first introduced to the Islands Games in 1985 when the games were hosted in Gibraltar. The design on the fifty pence coin shows the sailing logo of the Island Games. The value ‘50’ is shown on the design.

The obverse of the coins shows the Pobjoy Mint Effigy of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.

From tomorrow (Thursday 9th July) these coins will only be available individually, with no guarantees of the numbered packs so order the complete set now to ensure you receive the same numbered packs!

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Coin Specifications

£2 Bi-metal Coin

Item Code: L16044P1 - Year 2019 - Diameter: 28.40mm Weight: 12gms 

£1 Coin

Item Code: L16044P2 - Year 2019 - Diameter: 23.43mm  Weight: 8.75 gms 

50 Pence Coin 

Item Code: L16044P1 - Year 2019 - Diameter: 27.30mm Weight: 8.00gms 

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Issue Limit Each Coin: 2019