Isle of Man 1998 - 125th Anniversary Steam Railway: The Scotsman Flying - Cupro Nickel Isle of Man 1998 - 125th Anniversary Steam Railway: The Scotsman Flying - Cupro Nickel
Ocean Zones - 2016 Proof Sterling Silver Coin Set

Ocean Zones - 2016 Proof Sterling Silver Coin Set

Sierra Leone 2008 - Olympic Doves of Peace and Torch - Unc. Cupro Nickel

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  • 2008 Unc. Cupro Nickel $1
  • Issued on behalf of Sierra Leone
  • Issue: Unlimited
  • Unique presentation pouch
  • Also available as: Proof Sterling Silver
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As part of the ongoing Olympic range, Pobjoy Mint is thrilled to release an exquisite new design on behalf of the Bank of Sierra Leone.

In the book of Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament of the Bible, chapters 5-9 describes the story of Noah who saves his family and all animals in groups of two or seven from God’s deluge.  After the Great Flood, Noah releases a dove in order to find land and the dove returns holding an olive branch in its beak, which Noah takes as a message that the flood has receded and land is safe for Man. 

Today the dove represents both hope for peace and the offering of peace from one man to another and this charming new coin depicts five doves carrying olive branches rising from a blazing torch.  The word ‘OLYMPIC’ appears at the top of the coin and a decorative floral pattern graces the surround.

This charming coin is available in Unc. Cupro Nickel and Proof Sterling Silver and each of the beautifully crafted precious metal versions have been struck four times to produce a glorious mirror-finish background with the design sculpted in striking relief.  The obverse of the coin bears the Coat of Arms of Sierra Leone.

More Information
Coin Year 2005 - 2009
Government Sierra Leone
Coin Metal Cupro Nickel
MetalUnc. Cupro Nickel $1
Issue LimitUnlimited

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