Terms & Conditions

UK Terms and Conditions

Goods supplied are subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

Acceptance of an order is subject to the Mint's conditions of sale.

  1. The Pobjoy Mint reserves the right to alter the purchase price of any item without notice, but in the event of this happening, applicants will be given the choice of either cancelling their order or paying the increased price.
  2. The Pobjoy Mint does not guarantee to supply items as ordered but will endeavour to do so.
  3. The Pobjoy Mint reserves the right to reject any application at its discretion. If duplicate accounts/orders are suspected, the Pobjoy Mint reserves the right to cancel all orders placed
  4. The terminology of this application is subject to English Law.
  5. The Pobjoy Mint reserves the right to withdraw any or all items advertised and in this event, all monies tendered will be returned.
  6. The Pobjoy Mint reserves the right to check all orders when a maximum quantity of coins available to purchase has been set. The checks include, but are not limited to, mailing address, billing address, customer name, email address, telephone number, order history, payment method, and IP address.
  7. In placing an order with The Pobjoy Mint, you agree to all the above conditions of acceptance of an order


All orders are subject to availability.


  • All prices shown are in Pounds Sterling and are exclusive of VAT.
  • Prices for Gold coins are subject to Gold spot price and may change without notice.
  • Prices for Silver coins are subject to Silver spot price and may change without notice.
  • All Gold coins marked are always VAT free.
  • All Bullion (BU) coin prices are valid for 24hrs based on the actual spot price on the day.


Pobjoy Mint endeavours to deliver all goods within 28 working days* of acceptance of your order. If an order has been dispatched and the courier was unable to deliver it to the address given it will be returned to the local post office and therefore it is the customer's responsibility to collect the items themselves.

Please note that we do not offer a compensation scheme should your parcel be misdelivered or delivered with incorrect goods. However, we will do our best to fix the situation by either a) fixing the product, b) replacing the product or c) refunding you for the product. 

If you have any queries relating to the delivery of your order, or in the event of non-delivery, please contact us at [email protected] or 01737 818182. To help and allow us to trace your order, please contact us within 30 days from the date of your order for UK orders and within 60 days from the date of your order for all orders to be delivered overseas. 

*Please note, this does not include pre-order items.

Packaging Material

We reserve the right to change the packaging material used.

CuNi coins are dispatched in pouches, single purchases of 15 or more of the same item will be dispatched in tubes and no pouches will be supplied. If you would like a presentation box for CuNi coins there is an additional charge of £5.

The Official Pobjoy Guarantee

The Pobjoy Mint hereby certifies that it will buy back from the original purchaser any coins or set of coins within 15 days of receipt for the full original price.

Should you wish to return your goods please notify us by email at [email protected] or by telephone on 01737 818182.

Prices excluding VAT

Please note all delivery to the UK will be charged VAT at 20% additionally.


Pobjoy Mint Limited

Terms and Conditions

Coin and Bullion Sales

Terms and Conditions of Sale and Purchase of Coins

1. Coins (including limited issues and bullion) shall only be posted to purchasers after receipt of cleared funds.

2. Coins are subject to strict quality control procedures before distribution from the Mint. All precious metal coins are provided embedded in capsules so as to protect them from abrasions, fingerprint marks etc. If in the unlikely event you do not believe the coin you receive directly from the Mint meets our high standards you must notify us within 28 days of receipt and we shall replace the coin or reimburse all costs incurred depending on availability.

3. Replication, copying, passing off of any Mint coin is expressly prohibited and you may be prosecuted.

4. In the case of certain new issues, the Mint reserves the right to limit the number of coins that may be purchased by anyone party and shall advise of this on the company’s Website.

5. In the event that a Coin is sent to you in error or that a Coin or Coins have been incorrectly struck by the Mint or the number of Coins issued to you exceeds the limit as set out with regards 4 above, the Mint reserves the right to recall such Coin(s) from you in a reasonable time and in any event within 15 days of distribution. Such a Recall shall be arranged by the Mint at the expense of the Mint such that you shall be fully reimbursed for the purchase price of the Coin(s) and any shipping or other directly related reasonable costs incurred by you. This shall in no way negatively affect your entitlement to purchase Coin(s) from the Mint in the future.

6. Should you chose to resell your Coin you are permitted to do so at your discretion. However, you shall not hold yourself out as being an agent or representative of the Mint in so doing and shall not make unlawful or misleading representations with regards to the Coin or its provenance or value.

7. You shall not unreasonably nor unlawfully bring the reputation of the Mint into disrepute, for example by publishing unfounded negative comments regarding the Mint or its Coins via social media or other mediums or divulge any business-sensitive information you may have discovered which you should reasonably anticipate would or could act unfairly to the detriment of the Mint or its officers.

Taya Pobjoy

Managing Director


Quality Policy

SHEET 1 of 1
DATE 07/03/17


We will design and supply a complete range of custom-made coins, medals and associated Products.

It is our intent to continually improve the effectiveness and implementation of the Quality Management System and satisfy all applicable requirements relevant to the business.

The Company is totally committed to ensuring that customers receive the quality of product and service to which they are entitled and that these products comply with all relevant Standards, tolerances and specifications.

We will source and develop specialist equipment and use our skills to achieve security, growth and financial stability through a successful working partnership that satisfies the needs of our customers.

Our Quality goals are to achieve total customer satisfaction, to communicate clearly with our customers, suppliers and fellow employees and to provide World-class products and services.

To achieve this we will:

  • Successfully provide products now and in the future, that meet the needs of our customers.
  • Work closely with our Customers.
  • Work closely with our Suppliers.
  • Ensure our employees are fully trained.
  • Constantly seek ways to improve our operation and services.
  • Encourage our employees to participate in the growth and prosperity of the company.
  • Maintain a Quality system based on an ISO 9001:2015 framework, the requirements of which are communicated and understood by all employees.
  • Our Quality system ensures that Quality objectives are constantly reviewed.


Taya Pobjoy

Managing Director