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  • British Indian Ocean Silver Crystal Turtle
  • British Virgin Islands Turquoise Seahorse
  • Seychelles Saint John Paul II
  • Ascension Islands Napoleon
  • South Georgia and South Sandwich Granting of the Coat of Arms
  • Falkland Islands Commemorating the Battle of the Falkland Islands
  • Isle of Man TT Legends
  • British Antartic Territory Shackleton

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Based in the English county of Surrey, Pobjoy Mint is Europe’s largest private mint. Producing beautifully crafted coins and medals for governments, central banks and major companies throughout the world, Pobjoy Mint is renowned for both the quality of its work and its famous ‘Pobjoy Proof’ finish. And with custom minting available, we will be delighted to work with you on bespoke products.

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The Pobjoy Mint Coin Encyclopaedia

The Pobjoy Mint Coin Encyclopaedia

Browse our coin encyclopaedia and discover the many different coins that we have made throughout the years. With many of the 'world's firsts' struck by Pobjoy Mint, our encyclopaedia will take you on an incredible journey through the world of coins.

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175 Years Since the World’s first adhesive stamp:The Penny Black - May 2015

175 Years Since the World’s first adhesive stamp:The Penny Black - May 2015

In the first half of the 19th century, the postal service was something of a mess. It was expensive and confusing, and was widely seen as corrupt.

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