Celebrating 58 Years Of Minting Innovation

The Pobjoy family traces it's connections to precious metals back over 300 years. Created with a single coin press and an ambitious idea in 1965 by Derek Pobjoy, the British Pobjoy Mint has produced a myriad of exceptionally crafted commemorative, legal tender and bullion coins since it's inception.

Managed by Taya Pobjoy since 1998, the mint proudly struck it's last legal tender coin upon the announcement of her retirement in October 2023. The end of an era perhaps, but the diverse and extensive range of Pobjoy designed and struck commemorative coins are sure to bring joy for many years to come.

Thank You!

On behalf of the Pobjoy family, our sincerest appreciation and recognition goes out to all our valued customers, partners, colleagues and employees over so many eventful years. Taya Pobjoy-Mintmaster

Historic Pobjoy gold bullion coins of various denominations

World firsts by Pobjoy Mint - Virenium

World Firsts

The British Pobjoy Mint reputation for innovation and creativity has been recognised throughout the world. For example, in 1978 Derek Pobjoy created a brand new semi-precious metal he called "Virenium", an amalgam of his wife's name and a metallic element...

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Harry Potter coins by British Pobjoy Mint

Famous Coins

There are almost too many well known commemorative coins to pick from, but among the most renowned are the Harry Potter series, struck under licence from Warner Brothers. Especially as the Gringots Bank scene was filmed in the vault of the Pobjoy Mint...

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Historical Importance

Events of significant historical importance have provided the foundation for hundreds of noteworthy Pobjoy coins and medals...

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Countries & Territories

Read about the countries and overseas territories that have been fundamental to Pobjoy Mint's success...

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Awards & Standards

Along with a plethora of international awards achieved by the mint for its imigination and excellence in coin design, Taya Pobjoy secured the coveted ISO 9001 quality standard in 2016...

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Respected Institutions

From Pobjoys cherished and enduring relationship with Buckingham Palace through to an unprecedented partnership with NASA...

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Coin pressing and numismatic machinery auction 2024- Pobjoy Mint

State-Of-The-Art Machinery

The considerable array of specialised numismatic plant and machinery in which Pobjoys invested over the years has played a crucial role in their many achievements...

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Pobjoy Mint, Kingswood, Surrey

Pobjoy Family Heritage

Discover the evolution of the British Pobjoy Mint and wholesale Mint Jewellery from it's creation through to the present day...

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Meet The Management

Taya Pobjoy, Mintmaster 1998-2023 & Derek Pobjoy, Founder & Chairman 1965 to 2023

Pobjoy Diamonds & Fine Jewellery

Proudly upholding the family reputation for discerning quality, contemporary design and innovation. From fabulous gold and silver fine jewellery to award winning diamond engagement rings and exquisite bespoke creations...

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